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I believe that the dreams that capture your heart are actually your divine purpose.
My goal is to help you find the freedom + confidence that comes from believing in your own infinite possibilities.
So kick off your boots, make yourself at home, and stay awhile, darlin’!

World Suicide Prevention Day : My Story #IKeptLiving

World Suicide Prevention Day : My Story #IKeptLiving

Today, September 10th, is World Suicide Prevention Day. This is my story. As I was recovering emotionally from my suicide attempt, I knew that I needed to do more than talk. I needed more. I had been saved, I was still alive. It was time for me to pay it forward. To keep moving.. To…READ MORE

Broken Hearts Still Beat

Broken Hearts Still Beat

Hope. When we think all is lost, we still have it. The one thing that nobody can take away. The thing that keeps us hanging on, over and over, when the rest of our being just wants to let go. Hope is something we create. It ascends from the deepest recesses of our hearts. It’s generated within and, when held…READ MORE

You’re a seeker, a dreamer, a lover of the light.

You know in your heart that you’re meant for great things. The world needs you to shine, and in doing so, you'll give others permission to do the same. I don't want you to be held back another moment longer.

I’m here to inspire you to let go of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and become the most confident, fully alive person that you know. Your light will light the way for others!

Welcome to my home-sweet-digital-home! Here is a place where you'll learn that your heart, sweetheart, is the only compass you'll ever need in order to create an abundant life - filled with love, adventure, great health, passion, and TONS of fun.

So kick off your boots, make yourself at home, wander around, and stay awhile.

I'll help you discover the constant stream of well-being and LOVE that is flowing through you at all times. When you realize that you are always being guided by a God / Universe that loves you unconditionally, you will never need to feel alone or afraid again. Trust me, this will make you glow from head to heart to toe!

PS - in case no one’s told you yet today, you are beautiful, talented, loved beyond measure.

You are so very adored.

Scoot a little closer, darlin’-